Upgrading My Bridge With ImplantsA bridge can become a key component in restoring your smile once you have lost one or more teeth. Along with allowing you to regain your confidence that may have been lost with your tooth, a bridge can restore your smile’s ability to function properly. However, a traditional bridge cannot address all of the consequences of tooth loss. The loss of your tooth’s root may lead to a loss of bone density in your jaw, which can have a profound impact on your long-term oral health. A traditional bridge does not address the issues stemming from root loss, and therefore you may be susceptible when you have this type of restoration. For more comprehensive smile restoration, upgrading your bridge to a bridge anchored by dental implants can allow for the support and function of rooted teeth. 

The Mechanics of a Traditional Bridge

Dental bridges have a similar function to a bridge that you may find over a body of water. It is anchored on either side of a gap with a body over the gap. A traditional bridge consists of at least one lifelike replacement tooth, known as a pontic, with two supportive crowns on either side of it that keep the pontic in place. Traditionally, these supportive crowns are attached to the healthy teeth that surround the gap in your smile, which your dentist may have to modify in order to accommodate the crowns.

A Bridge Supported By Implants

Any restorative prosthetic supported by dental implants have a more realistic and natural appearance due to the close proximity allowed to the gum line. A dental implant is a small, bio-compatible titanium post that is precisely inserted into your jawbone. The implant post replaces a tooth’s root to support a prosthetic and stave off bone density loss in the jaw. If you have lost two or more adjacent teeth, then a custom bridge can be created to support them on just one or more implant posts.

Do you have a bridge that could be updated?

Updating your bridge with implants can address certain smile concerns.  To schedule a consultation with Austin Prosthodontics in Austin, TX, call 512-250-9444. We also proudly welcome patients from Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander, and all surrounding Texas communities.

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