Benefits Of Smile Prosthetics

Benefits Of Smile Prosthetics Restoring your smile with an appropriate dental prosthetic or multiple prosthetics can be beneficial to your overall well-being. Depending on your smile’s needs, there are several options that can best restore your mouth to top health. A bridge can be used to restore the loss of one or more consecutive teeth. A crown can cap a vulnerable tooth or work with a dental implant to replace a missing tooth altogether. Full or partial dentures can be used to restore multiple missing teeth to give you back your full smile. The use of prosthetics in your smile can restore your abilities to use your mouth for daily function. It can also restore your appearance and your confidence in your appearance. Restoring your smile can also help protect the natural teeth that you have left.  (more…)

Smile Preservation After Extraction

Smile Preservation After ExtractionAs hard as we may work to protect our teeth, unfortunately, dental extractions may become necessary. If a tooth is beyond repair with decay or damage, an extraction of it can protect the rest of your smile. However, the loss of a tooth also includes the loss of the tooth’s roots. Because a tooth’s roots stimulates the bone surrounding the tooth, when the roots are gone, the bone can become negatively affected. Extraction site preservation is a method to fill in the area where the tooth’s roots once were. It is typically done with bone grafting, and it can be a way to help ensure your smile stays healthy after extraction.  (more…)

Bluebonnet Spots Around Austin

Bluebonnet Spots Around AustinEvery year in Texas, from the end of March through most of April (which means the season is almost over!), bluebonnets pop up all over the place. Are you part of a family that grabs the family to go take photos among the beautiful fields of wildflowers? There are some great spots around Austin for you to take a gander at our beautiful state flower. Austin Prosthodontics and Dr. Carmona are proud to serve the smiles across this wonderful community of Austin, Texas.


Can I Upgrade My Dentures?

Can I Upgrade My Dentures?Dentures are intended to restore your smile’s appearance and function after you have lost many or all of your teeth. Modern dentures can look and act very natural. If you wear traditional adhesive dentures, you can upgrade your dentures to ones supported by dental implants. The All-On-4® system of dentures allow for just four implant posts to support your smile’s restoration. Your dentures will become a permanent fixture in your mouth, so you would not need to worry about shifting when speaking or eating. Implants supporting your dentures can also help to ensure your jaw’s bone health and stability. (more…)

How Implants Address Tooth Loss

How Implants Address Tooth LossThe appearance of your smile may be the most obviously affected thing after the loss of a tooth. However, the functionality of your bite may be affected even more after tooth loss. Though it may be in ways that are much less obvious. Your bite can become imbalanced, your jawbone weaker, and there may be negative consequences for your remaining teeth. In most cases, dental implants can address tooth loss in a way that faces these possible negative consequences head on. When paired with a custom-made dental prosthetic, a dental implant can address the loss of one tooth, a few, or most of your smile.  (more…)

Is Bruxism Making Your Teeth Weaker?

Is Bruxism Making Your Teeth Weaker?Bruxism is the excessive clenching of your jaw or the grinding of your teeth. It often occurs while you are sleeping. Over time, the friction between your teeth caused by the clenching and grinding can begin to affect the outer surface’s of your teeth. This can make the strength and integrity of your teeth become compromised and weakened. At first, it may just involve tiny, nearly invisible cracks in the surface of your teeth, which could cause tooth sensitivity. These cracks, however, can leave your teeth susceptible to decay and damage. There are ways to both address bruxism to prevent it from making the situation worth and to address the integrity of your teeth through restoration. (more…)

The Benefits Of Restoring A Tooth

The Benefits Of Restoring A Tooth Restoring a tooth means repairing it in both form and function, which means that restoration can help with the tooth’s abilities and it’s appearance. Restorative dentistry is the art of restoring your natural tooth to one that can be a strong, healthy part of your smile. Teeth that have been affected by decay, injury, or accident may require some form of restoration. Not only are there benefits to restoring a tooth, there are also necessities. Tooth restoration can protect it from further harm that can eventually lead to the tooth being extracted. It can also be necessary to address one tooth to protect the rest of your smile.  (more…)

Community: Stand Up, Austin

If you are need help with your smile, please feel free to reach out to us. To schedule a consultation at Austin Prosthodontics, call 512-250-9444. We also proudly welcome patients from Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander, and all surrounding Texas communities.Did you know that Texas residents rank 47th for voter turnout in America and 44th in voter registration? Stand Up, Austin! A Civic Comedy Show is a show that merges comedy with local civic life in our hometown of Austin, Texas. Some of Austin’s funniest stand-up comedians are coming together with civic-minded people and organizations to create an entertaining and engaging evening. The comics on the bill include Arielle Norman, Chris Tellez, Ky Krebs, Nikita Redkar, and host Jasmine Ellis. Attending guests can talk with civic-minded people like Jay Jennings, the lead author of 2018 Texas Civic Health Index. Dr. Jennings is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Texas Austin, and he studies the capacity of citizens to effectively participate in politics. (more…)

Are You Losing Sleep?

Are You Losing Sleep?Losing sleep now and then is to be expected. It is common for many people to get the occasional bout of restlessness. If most of your sleep seems to restful than the sleeplessness from time to time is probably not a problem. Good sleep can let you reap several benefits, like a happier mood, a better memory, more productivity, and better health overall. For some people, a full night of sleep that seems uninterrupted can still result in tiredness. When you feel like you are losing sleep, it may be time to consider what could be causing your lack of rest. Could obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) be the source of your lost sleep(more…)

Veneers: Redesigning Your Smile

Veneers: Redesigning Your SmileA redesign of your smile does not need to be a complete and utter overhaul. Redesigning your smile with porcelain veneers just means addressing the cosmetic issues that may make you feel self-conscious or not confident. Veneers can be completely customized to give you a smile that looks natural to you while also making you feel secure and confident about its appearance. You should be able to look in the mirror and see a smile you love looking back at you. You should be able to take a picture without worries over the way your teeth look. If you cosmetic issues like uneven teeth, cracks, gaps, or anything else that makes you second-guess letting your smile shine, it is time to think about a redesign.  (more…)