Implant Dentistry

Advanced Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are an advanced way to rebuild smiles that involves reestablishing the supportive roots of lost teeth. Implant posts are made from titanium, which is biocompatible so your jawbone fuses to the posts as it heals. Each implant post is strategically placed in the jawbone to withstand a certain amount of bite pressure. Depending on how many teeth you’ve lost, one or more implants can support a dental crown, bridge, partial, or full denture.

Patients who need to have one or more teeth extracted can benefit from same-day dental implants, which Dr. Carmona can place immediately after tooth extraction. Same-day dental implants eliminate the time between losing a tooth and replacing it, reducing the amount of jawbone degradation around the extraction site.

For patients who need one or a pair of full dentures, Dr. Carmona offers All-On-4® implant dentures, provided by the experts at Noble Biocare®. All-On-4 dentures are full upper and lower dentures that can be effectively secured on only four dental implant posts. The implant dentures offer the maximum benefits of dental implants with minimal surgery so you can enjoy a fuller, healthier, more beautiful smile in less time.

Do You Qualify for Implant Dentistry?

After losing one or more teeth, implant dentistry may be the best way to replace them as well as preserve the long-term health and integrity of your smile. To find out if you qualify for dental implants, call Austin Prosthodontics at 512-250-9444. Located in Austin, TX, we proudly serve patients living in Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander, and all surrounding communities.