A Bridge To Save Your Smile Losing a tooth as an adult can be a trying experience; losing multiple teeth can be that much more trying. Missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious or less attractive. More importantly, the health and quality of your smile is affected. Whatever caused the tooth loss in your smile will be a problem, but the loss of a tooth itself will cause future problems. The existing teeth can move around and shift into the place of the missing teeth. Dental bridges can be a less invasive way to replace teeth and restore your smile. Bridges can replace one to three missing teeth next to each other.

Long-Term Benefits

Sometimes with missing teeth, a person will overcompensate by chewing on the other side of the mouth. This chewing can lead to a higher risk of tooth decay and more wear and tear on the existing teeth. Because of this missing teeth can lead to more missing teeth. A bridge can replace the missing teeth and your ability to chew. A bridge can also restore the appearance of your smile back to what it was before your missing teeth.

Less Invasive

Dental bridges are like bridges that connect roads in the way that they are suspended by connecting to two surrounding teeth. A dental bridge may involve crowns on either side of the bridge on top of existing teeth. The bridge can be fitted and placed over the gap of missing teeth without an overly-invasive treatment. Depending on your situation, a bridge can also involve implants to sustain the position. Placing implants can be a more invasive option, as the implants will need to placed into the jawbone, but the outcome will provide for a stable environment with a lessened risk of bone loss. If you face more extensive tooth loss or if you have teeth that are missing in multiple places across the mouth, dentures or partial dentures may be a better option for you.

A bridge can restore your smile

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