Teeth play a huge role in our day to day life but it’s mostly a passive role; rarely do they ever become an active thought in our minds. That being said, their loss can have a huge impact on your oral and overall health. Tooth loss can be the end result of a number of issues. You might have lost it while playing an especially heated pickup game or maybe it became so decayed it had to be removed. Here are some steps you can take to overcome tooth loss.

Go To The Dentist As Soon As You Can

It’s important to replace your lost tooth as soon as possible. Without a tooth’s root in place, your surrounding jawbone structure will begin to gradually lose density. To prevent this from happening, your dentist can perform extraction site preservation to fill the empty space where your tooth’s root once was. This treatment can provide you the support necessary for a dental implant in the future.

Consider Your Options

Your dentist can provide you with a few different ways to go about replacing your lost tooth. These treatments include:

  • Dental bridge. This procedure involves your dentist shaping the two teeth on either side of the gap to fit dental crowns on. These dental crowns will work as anchors for the pontic, which will fill the gap, restoring your smile’s natural look and function.
  • Dental Crown. Using lifelike porcelain, zirconia, or metal, your dentist can mold you a crown that will mimic the top, visible part of your lost tooth. This crown will be supported by a titanium implant post. Titanium is biocompatible and will fuse to your jaw as it heals, replicating the supportive root structure of a natural tooth.

Get Your Smile Back

You don’t have to live with a missing tooth. We provide treatments that can restore your smile’s health and appearance. Contact us at our local Austin, TX office at 512-250-9444.

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