Quiz: Cosmetic Dentistry TreatmentsDeciding that you are ready to update your smile’s appearance can be a big step. How do you determine the right cosmetic treatment to help with your specific issues? There are several different options that you and your dentist can discuss. You will also want to discuss what cosmetic issues you are helping to resolve, your goals with time and budget, and how you want your smile to ultimately look. Your dentist will also talk with you about the health of your smile. Just like you wouldn’t want to renovate the floors of your house if the foundation is falling apart, you wouldn’t want to update the appearance of your smile if there are any health issues. 


True Or False: An update with cosmetic dental bonding can sometimes take just a single visit.

True Or False: Every type of tooth stain can be erased with a professional whitening treatment.

True Or False: You must remove your porcelain veneers before you eat or drink.

True Or False: A chipped or cracked tooth is always a cosmetic problem.


True! In many cases, a treatment with dental bonding can take just a single visit. If you are addressing multiple teeth, it may require a follow-up visit.

False! Whitening treatments only address stains only your enamel, which are known as extrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains or discoloration comes from problems within the internal structure of the tooth. Teeth with intrinsic discoloration may need a different plan of action, such as bonding or veneers.

False! Porcelain veneers are effectively a permanent addition to your teeth. Fortunately, veneers are designed to withstand the everyday wear-and-tear that comes with biting and chewing food.

False! While some chips or cracks may only affect the surface of a tooth, there are instances where a tooth fracture can affect the inner structure of a tooth. In instances where the tooth is vulnerable, a crown may be necessary to restore. In some severe cases, an extraction may even be necessary.

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