Why Replace My Missing Tooth?Losing a tooth as a child or having your wisdom teeth extracted are both instances of tooth loss where there is no reason to replace the missing tooth. For most other reasons of tooth loss, it is often necessary to restore the tooth with an implant and/or a dental prosthetic. Losing even just a single tooth can greatly impact your abilities to speak, to chew, or to bite. Tooth loss also leads to a loss of bone density in the jaw bone. Replacing your tooth can restore your abilities and lower your risk of bone loss. Replacing your tooth also means making your smile look complete. 

Restoring Abilities

If you lose a tooth in the front of your mouth, it will likely be quite noticeable. Not only in the reflection looking back at you in the mirror, but you will notice it in the way you bite your food. You may even notice a speech impediment like a lisp forming after the tooth loss. A crown can be custom-made to replace the missing tooth. It looks and acts like a tooth, which can repair your reflection and restore your bite and speech. A tooth missing in the back of the mouth may feel less important to replace because you may notice it less often. A missing molar can seriously impact the way that you chew. It may cause you to avoid chewing on the side of the mouth with the missing tooth. This will put a lot of pressure on the other side of your mouth to perform. Those teeth can be over worn, which can lead to damage and decay.

Preventing Bone Loss

A tooth stimulates the supporting bone by housing the roots and nerves there. When the tooth is loss, the jaw bone is no longer stimulation. The lack of stimulation causes your body to deem the bone unnecessary. An unnecessary bone requires no nutrients, so your body will stop sending them and start stripping them away. This act of demineralizing or bone resorption will leave the jaw bone weak, which can endanger the rest of the teeth it supports. An implant can provide the stimulation to prevent bone loss.

Replacing a tooth is important for your oral health

Tooth replacement is almost always necessary. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Carmona at Austin Prosthodontics in Austin, TX, call 512-250-9444. We also proudly welcome patients from Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander, and all surrounding Texas communities.

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