why-are-dental-implants-made-from-titaniumThe beauty of today’s lifelike dental restorations lies largely in their materials, which are often designed to closely mimic natural, healthy teeth. In the case of dental implants, the realism comes in the form of biocompatible titanium, which the jawbone accepts as genuine. When a titanium dental implant is placed, the jawbone fuses to and heals around the implant, making it a part of your oral anatomy. The benefits of this process, known as osseointegration, are many, and over the decades, implants have enjoyed an over 90% success rate in rebuilding patients’ smiles.

The Benefits of Osseointegration

Dental implant posts are small cylinders that fit like teeth roots into the jawbone and support a lifelike prosthetic, such as dental crown, bridgework, partial, or full denture. The implant posts not only support your replacement teeth, but by bonding with your jawbone, they also help strengthen the bone when they’re stimulated. Every time you bite and chew, your implant posts will promote a healthy flow of nutrients to the bone and the remaining teeth that it supports.

Another benefit to titanium dental implants is that, thanks to osseointegration, the implant posts can last for life with proper care and maintenance. After years of use, your prosthetic may need to be changed, but doing so will be easier, and your new prosthetic can rest on the same, permanent dental implant posts.

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