what is facial collapse following tooth lossThe cosmetic aspects of tooth loss are, for the most part, fairly obvious. The closer to the front of your smile the lost tooth was, the more impact it can have on your smile’s appearance you’re your confidence). Still, untreated tooth loss can siphon the beauty and support from more than just your smile. Today, we explain how losing your teeth can affect your overall appearance – a condition known as facial collapse that follows extensive tooth loss.

The Full Effects of Tooth Loss

You’re probably aware that your teeth depend on your jawbone, which engulfs their roots and supplies your teeth with necessary nutrients.  However, did you know that your jawbone also relies on healthy teeth to remain healthy? When you bite and chew, the tooth roots embedded in your jawbone are stimulated. Through this stimulation, your body knows how many teeth your jaw must support and sends it an adequate amount of nutrients. Losing teeth, and especially their roots, can lead to eventual jawbone deterioration, which can lead to the sunken-jaw appearance known as facial collapse.

Dental Implants to the Rescue

Dental implants are the only dental prosthetic option that replaces your lost teeth’s roots. Made from biocompatible titanium, implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone, which fuses to the implant’s surface and holds it securely in place. One of the most convenient aspects of dental implants is that they can support any number of replacement teeth, from a single crown to a full upper or lower denture. By replacing lost tooth roots, you can help preserve the stimulation that your jawbone requires to remain strong, healthy, and able to retain the rest of your natural teeth.

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