the many benefits of dental implantsDental implants are a popular choice among patients who’ve lost one or more teeth and wish for the most lifelike and longest-lasting replacement option. The prosthetic teeth roots can support a dental crown, partial denture, or full denture, depending on the severity of your tooth loss.

Dental implants offer an immediate boost in the comfort and stability of your new teeth. Beyond that, however, the benefits of dental implants also include helping to maintain what remains of your healthy teeth and oral structures.

A Support Group for Replacement Teeth

The idea of replacing lost teeth roots isn’t exactly new. Archaeologists have found numerous examples of primitive attempts, including seashells jammed into the empty root sockets of ancestral jawbones.

Today’s replacement roots, however, aren’t as primitive; in fact, they’re designed specifically for your jawbone to fuse to the posts as though they were natural teeth roots. Compared to the adhesives, clasps, and supportive crowns that traditional prosthetics rely on, titanium dental implants offer unmatched strength and stability when you bite, chew, speak, and smile.

How Dental Implants Save the Rest of Your Teeth

Dental implants can save the rest of your teeth in a number of ways. By eliminating the need to reshape healthy teeth to accommodate a dental bridge’s supportive crowns, implants help you preserve the health and structure of those teeth. Also, as the support system for your replacement teeth, dental implants are stimulated when you bite and chew.

The active stimulation promotes a healthy flow of blood through your jawbone, preventing the loss of density that often follows tooth loss. Over time, jawbone deterioration can lead to more lost teeth as it grows too weak to support and sustain them, unless you restore the empty sockets with one or more dental implants.

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