Smile Preservation After ExtractionAs hard as we may work to protect our teeth, unfortunately, dental extractions may become necessary. If a tooth is beyond repair with decay or damage, an extraction of it can protect the rest of your smile. However, the loss of a tooth also includes the loss of the tooth’s roots. Because a tooth’s roots stimulates the bone surrounding the tooth, when the roots are gone, the bone can become negatively affected. Extraction site preservation is a method to fill in the area where the tooth’s roots once were. It is typically done with bone grafting, and it can be a way to help ensure your smile stays healthy after extraction. 

Loss Without Site Preservation

When in place, the roots of your teeth stimulate your body to send nutrients to the bone supporting your teeth. Without the tooth or its roots, nutrients may stop coming to the area and the bone density may begin to degenerate. This can cause the jaw to soften and change shape, which does not make for a sturdy foundation to support the rest of your smile.This density degradation is known as bone resorption. While bone resorption gradually happens as we age, it can occur more rapidly after tooth loss.

How Site Preservation Helps

Extraction site preservation can begin at the time of the tooth extraction when bone graft material is inserted into the tooth extraction site. After the extraction site is grafted, it is then covered with a fibrous collagen membrane to act as a protective covering before being finally sutured closed using stitches. Your grafting material is designed to encourage your own bone to fuse and grow around the grafting. Once the area is strongly healed, a dental implant can be placed. A dental implant can provide long-lasting support to a replacement tooth, while also helping to fortify the extraction site. Having a strong, fortified jawbone helps protect your smile.

Extraction site preservation can help your smile

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