Serious Reasons To Replace TeethLosing a tooth as a child came with a visit from the tooth fairy and a dollar bill under your pillow. Losing a tooth as an adult is a lot less fun. With the exception of your wisdom teeth, the rest of your permanent adult teeth are meant to stay in your mouth throughout your lifetime. Tooth loss can usually be prevented, as the reason for most tooth lost in adulthood is severe damage or decay. It may seem obvious to replace a missing tooth in the front of the mouth since it impacts your appearance, but It is very important for your oral health that missing teeth be replaced

Restoring Function

Depending on where the missing tooth is in your mouth, losing a tooth can impact your ability to speak and chew. Speech impediments can form when teeth are missing from the front of the mouth. Teeth missing from the front can also hamper your ability to bite. Even just one missing tooth can make it difficult to chew certain foods. You may find yourself overcompensating by chewing on a side of the mouth without missing teeth. This overcompensation can put the remaining teeth at risk for excessive wear and tear leading to damage and decay.

Preventing Bone Loss

The most important reason to replace a missing tooth is to prevent possible bone loss or bone resorption. Bone resorption happens when the bone no longer receives stimulation from the tooth and its roots. The body believes that the bone is no longer important and begins to take the minerals to use in other parts of the body. Bone resorption results in the jawbone becoming soft and misshapen. As the jaw changes shape, it can cause your teeth to shift and get out of alignment. A soft jawbone does not provide a good foundation for teeth; the teeth become at risk of loss. A dental implant can replicate the stimulation to the jaw that your tooth once provided.

Replacing a missing tooth is vital for your mouth’s health

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