need tooth extractoin - ask these questions firstMost people don’t get excited when they here that they need tooth extraction, but many accept it without making sure that it’s the right decision first. After all, if your dentist’s goal is to preserve your natural teeth, then surely he wouldn’t suggest removing one unless it was necessary. Still, preserving your natural smile is important enough that you should be absolutely sure extraction is a good idea. Before opting for a tooth extraction procedure, ask a few questions to determine whether or not you have other options.

Is my tooth really beyond saving?

Today’s advanced dentistry treatments mean that teeth can be saved even in severe circumstances. If possible, saving your tooth is always preferable, and if a dental crown, root canal treatment, or other restorative procedure can repair it, then you may not need to extract the tooth.

Will removing the tooth resolve the issue?

If the tooth can’t be restored and does need to be removed, then it’s important to know if tooth extraction will resolve the issue. If the tooth is broken, then removing it can prevent it from damaging nearby tissues. But if the tooth is extremely decayed or needs to come out because of a dental disease, then ask your dentist if you’ll need further treatment afterwards.

Will I need to replace the tooth?

With the exception of wisdom teeth, most extracted teeth will need to be replaced to restore your bite’s balance (and your smile’s attractive appearance). To make tooth replacement easier, and to help protect your oral health in the meantime, ask your dentist about extraction site preservation. The procedure helps build up the jawbone structure around the extraction site to reduce jawbone deterioration.

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