how to keep your smile strong and healthyYour mouth is the most used part of your body, and considering its long roster of responsibilities, it’s no wonder that your teeth are protected by the strongest substance your body produces. Like the rest of your wellbeing, however, a healthy smile is an ongoing responsibility, and that includes maintaining your teeth’s defenses to prevent the onset of tooth decay and other dental diseases. Today, we help you keep your natural teeth strong and resilient with professional care and advice for home hygiene. We also offer the most secure tooth replacement options, which are those secured to one or more dental implants, for patients who wish to effectively restore strength to an incomplete smile.

What Are Teeth?

The key to your enamel’s strength is its composition. Like bone, tooth enamel is made mostly of calcium and phosphate. But the proteins that form your teeth stretch the minerals thousands of times longer than the strands that make up your bone structure.  The key to your tooth enamel’s destruction lies in the bacteria that form plaque–the sticky substance sometimes found on the surface of your teeth.

Some of these germs feed on the nutrients in your meals, namely sugar and other carbohydrates, then convert them into acid that weakens your enamel and saps minerals from your teeth. Consuming an adequate supply of calcium and phosphate can help fortify your teeth against these attacks, while limiting your snacking habits can reduce your enamel’s exposure to destructive acid.

Replacing Teeth with Strong Replicas

Unfortunately, accidents and dental diseases can occur even when you believe your oral health is excellent, and permanent tooth loss remains a significant problem for many adults. When replacing your lost teeth, longevity is paramount; your natural teeth were meant to last a lifetime, and if you have to replace them, you should only have to do so once. Most replacement teeth are crafted from innovative dental porcelain, which isn’t subject to bacterial infection; and yet, enamel isn’t the only source of your teeth’s incredible strength.

Your teeth’s roots are embedded in your jawbone and offer unmatched stability to withstand the pressures of biting and chewing every day. Only dental implants, which are surgically inserted into your jawbone, offer a similar anchor for your replacement teeth, making them the strongest tooth replacement options available today.

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