Heart Disease Risk And Tooth LossA study published in a recent report by the American Heart Association analyzed the impact of tooth loss in adults aged 45 to 69 years over an eight-year period. During which, the participants had reported on the numbers of natural teeth they had and in a later questionnaire then reported on any recent tooth loss. The adults participating in the study did not have cardiovascular disease when the studies began. The researchers studied the self-reported tooth loss in participants in conjunction with their increased risk of heart disease. Previous studies have shown how cumulative tooth loss over life leads to overall health risks, but this study shows how the inflammation that may cause later-in-life tooth loss may be linked to heart disease

Results of the Study

Among the participants with 25 to 32 natural teeth at the beginning of the study, those who lost two or more teeth throughout the time of the study had a 23% increased risk of cardiovascular disease than those who lost no teeth. This increased risk of heart disease occurred regardless of the participant’s diet, physical activity, body weight, or having other risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. With participants reporting only one lost tooth, there was not a notable increase in risk of cardiovascular disease. The study suggests that middle-aged adults who lose two or more teeth in middle-age could be at an increased risk for heart disease.

Steps to Reduce the Risk

Protecting your smile can protect your overall health. Advanced gum disease and tooth decay are leading reasons for tooth loss. Good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist can help to prevent the onset of these chronic issues, but management can be just as important. Once you have signs of an oral health problem, managing the issue with a dental health professional can keep it from progressing to the point of tooth loss. Dental implants can help prevent the loss of one tooth from causing the loss of any further teeth.

Tooth loss may increase your risks of heart disease

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