Does A Dental Implant Help My Smile?Losing a tooth as an adult can make a big difference on the way your smile looks. Even just one lost tooth can affect your abilities to chew, bite, and speak. Tooth loss can also lead to a loss of bone density in the jawbone. Bone density in your jaw is important to provide a strong foundation for the remaining teeth in your mouth and any existing prosthetic dentistry within your smile. A lack of bone density can soften and weaken your jawbone. A dental implant provides support for a replacement tooth to restore your smile’s function and appearance; a dental implant also protects against a loss of bone density. 

Helps Protect Against Bone Loss

Without an implant or the natural roots of the tooth, your body may begin to assume that your jawbone unnecessary. This assumption can cause your body to stop sending necessary minerals to it. Your body may even begin to strip away important minerals from your body in a process called bone resorption. Without these minerals, your jawbone can soften and weaken, which creates a weak foundation for your remaining teeth. A softer jawbone can change shape, which can cause problems for your teeth or the way bridges or dentures fit in your mouth. A dental implant can provide stimulation to your jawbone, which keeps your body assuming that the bone needs all the important minerals.

Provides Support For a Restoration

So, if a dental implant acts as a replacement for the roots of the tooth, a restorative prosthetic like a crown, bridge, or dentures acts like the body of the tooth. An implant is a bio-compatible titanium post inserted directly into the jawbone. The implant is placed precisely in a position best to withstand the pressures from chewing, biting, and speaking. For dentures, there are solutions to have multiple implants providing support.

Dental implants can help your smile.

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