toothNot many of us probably think much about the roots of our teeth unless they are bothering us. We are highly concerned with the crowns, however, because they are the part of our tooth that people can see, and the part that we have to take care of because we need them to chew, and they make up our smile. However, our dental roots have a role too.

Why Your Roots Are Important

Your tooth roots are important because they keep your teeth firm and stable so you can chew, and every time you chew or bite down on something, they provide nourishment to your jawbone. What happens is, when you chew, the pressure generated on the root of your tooth from that action stimulates the flow of blood, nutrients, and vitamins to your jawbone keeping it healthy and strong. Because the root also houses the only living part of your tooth, the pulp, which consists of blood vessels, live tissue, and nerves, those nutrients also keep your tooth alive.

Tooth Loss

When you lose a tooth, there is an empty space in your jawbone. That space no longer receives the nutrients it needs to stay alive and so it will begin to die. Your jawbone will begin to shrink and this can become detrimental to the stability and health of your remaining teeth. Root canals are performed to save the tooth, but if tooth loss is inevitable an implant can be placed (a small titanium post) to replace the tooth root.

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