Am I Eligible For A Dental Implant?Have you been considering replacing your tooth or teeth with a dental implant? You know the benefits of implant dentistry, but you wonder if your smile is eligible. There are certain obstacles that may make your smile not eligible for an implant, however, most of these obstacles can be overcome. A weakened jawbone can be addressed. Lifestyle problems may be curtailed or worked around. Oral health issues may need to be addressed prior to the implant being placed. Your prosthodontist can walk you through what makes your smile eligible for dental implants and what may need to happen to your smile to get it there. 

You Have a Strong, Healthy Jaw

If your jaw tissue is not in exceptional condition, then this can get in the way of candidacy. Tooth loss can lead to a loss in your jaw’s bone density through a process known as bone resorption. Bone grafting may need to be done to fortify the area prior to the implant. Extraction site preservation may be done after an extraction to make the area strong enough to support an implant.

You Are Old Enough

Dental implants can only be placed in tissue that has finished growing. Your jawbone could continue to develop well into your twenties. This is something that is decided on an individual basis based on the development of your jaw tissue.

You Are a Non-Smoker

If you are a smoker, to make dental implant surgery successful, you will need to give up smoking for awhile. For the sake of your overall health and the health of your smile, quitting smoking is always a good idea.

You Have a Healthy Smile

Gum disease in your smile can make it problematic for implants. If you have extensive problems with the rest of your remaining natural teeth, those issues may need to be dealt with to keep your smile healthy.

Are you eligible for a dental implant?

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