4 Issues Fixed By Cosmetic BondingCosmetic bonding is a straightforward solution for some smile issues that you may be dealing with. Cosmetic bonding is made of the same material used in tooth-colored fillings. It is a composite resin that is applied directly to the tooth, sculpted into the desired shape, and polished for a natural-looking appearance. Usually, the tooth only needs to be lightly etched to prepare it for the bonding material to be permanently applied, which means little damage is done to your tooth or teeth. Cosmetic bonding can easily address issues such as small gaps, intrinsic stains, surface damage to the enamel, and irregularly shaped or sized teeth. 

Small Gaps

Larger gaps may need to be covered with porcelain veneers, but small gaps can be filled in using cosmetic bonding. The bonding can be applied to one or both teeth on either side of the gap to close it in to your desired appearance.

Intrinsic Stains

Extrinsic stains are the stains caused by food, smoking, or other external factors. These types of stains can be removed with teeth whitening treatments. Intrinsic stains come from within the tooth from medications or tooth trauma, and they cannot be removed. To adjust the appearance of internally stained teeth, cosmetic bonding can be used to cover up the front of the teeth. The bonding material can be color-matched to your desired shade.

Chips, Cracks, and Other Surface Damage

When a tooth is chipped or cracked, but is still relatively healthy, cosmetic bonding can be used to repair it. The bonding not only restores the appearance of the damaged tooth, but it can protect it against further breakage and decay. The bonding material not only looks like enamel, but it is strong enough to act like your tooth to restore chewing and biting abilities.

Irregular Shapes and Sizes

A jagged tooth or a tooth that is smaller than the rest can make your smile look asymmetrical. Cosmetic bonding can be applied to the tooth and sculpted to match the rest of your teeth to give your smile a more uniform look.

Are you ready to address an issue with cosmetic bonding?

Cosmetic bonding can be a simple solution for some of your smile issues.  To schedule a consultation with Austin Prosthodontics in Austin, TX, call 512-250-9444. We also proudly welcome patients from Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander, and all surrounding Texas communities.

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