3 ways dentures improve your quality of lifeIf you require one or more partial or full dentures, then chances are that your overall quality of life has already been affected by the extent of your tooth loss. In fact, even a single lost tooth can affect several aspects of your life, not to mention your smile’s long-term health and integrity. Multiplied several times over, that effect can be overwhelming. Whether you’ve lost all of your teeth on the upper and lower dental ridges, or you still retain a few healthy teeth and would like to keep them – the right custom-designed denture can improve your quality of life by completely rebuilding your youthful, beautiful smile.  

1. Eat the foods you want (and need)!

Your jaws exhibit an incredible amount of pressure, which is necessary to process your food before digestion. With every tooth loss, your bite loses a bit of its biting potential. Severe tooth loss can dramatically affect your diet by making it impossible to eat certain foods, like raw fruits and vegetables. By rebuilding your smile with a partial or full denture, however, you can once again enjoy your favorite foods, and eat enough of them to maintain a healthy intake of minerals and nutrients.

2. Smile confidently, and reap the benefits.

Your smile is more than just a tool to process food; it’s also a significant part of your overall appearance and a highly-expressive means to convey subtle messages in social and professional interactions. When you aren’t confident in your smile, it shows in the way you strategically avoid revealing it. The apparent lack of self-confidence can cause others to have an equally low level of confidence in you, which can make interacting with others tedious and less pleasant.

3. Preserve the teeth you still retain.

If you still retain a few or several of your healthy teeth, then you might benefit from a partial denture designed to support and preserve those teeth. Partial dentures are similar to full dentures in that they consist of a comfortable base that fits along your dental ridge. However, partials only contain replacement teeth where necessary, and leave space to fit around the teeth that remain.

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