3 reasons teeth should be professionally whitenedProfessional teeth-whitening is one of the most convenient, but also most effective cosmetic dentistry procedures. With treatments that you can perform at home, or receive in just a single visit to your dentist’s office, professional teeth-whitening achieves maximum results with minimal time from your schedule. But with so many options that you can purchase over the counter, why should you choose professional teeth-whitening? There are several reasons, the most important of which involve the results and the long-term health of your teeth.

1. The results are actually satisfying.

Over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products are widely available because the substances they contain are seriously diluted. The idea is to keep the treatment safe for anyone who wishes to use it, but the outcome is that OTC products rarely achieve the results people wish. By contrast, professional teeth-whitening is designed specifically for your needs, and the potent but safe bleaching agent can erase even stubborn stains from your teeth’s surfaces.

2. The procedure is safer.

Because people are often left dissatisfied with the results of OTC whiteners, the products are often overused, and the overexposure to chemicals can damage the enamel around their teeth. Despite the increased strength, professional bleaching gel is safer because it accomplishes the job the first time.

3. You can make sure it’ll work before you use it.

Before receiving professional teeth-whitening, your dentist will thoroughly inspect your teeth and dental health to ensure that cavities, gum disease, tooth damage, or other issues aren’t present. Teeth-whitening is safer and more effective when your teeth are healthy; otherwise, an existing dental issue may be the cause of your teeth’s discoloration, and you may need a restorative treatment to address it.

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