can teeth whitening brighten my dental crownYou might have needed a dental crown to restore a tooth that was cracked, or to improve a tooth that was cosmetically marred. But if your teeth have become stained since then, you may wonder how your crown will affect your ability to brighten your entire smile. Unlike natural tooth structure, the porcelain that many crowns are made of doesn’t respond to cosmetic teeth-whitening.

Should my dental crown be stained?

The beauty of dental porcelain, besides its durability and lifelike appearance, is that it’s highly resistant to staining. With a consistently good hygiene routine and regular care from your dentist, you can maintain your dental crown’s bright, vibrant appearance for years to come. You can also help stop stains from developing prominently on your natural teeth. However, if your dental crown does stain, then your dentist will consult with you to determine how to improve your smile and maintain its uniform appearance.

How can I brighten my smile with a crown?

If your teeth and dental crown become dull or stained, then one option is to whiten your teeth and then a design a new crown to match their new hue and shade. Professional teeth-whitening can return stained teeth to their youthful glow, and a new porcelain crown can be custom-made to match.

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