Why Is Titanium Great For Implants?Throughout history, dentists have used various metals to complete dental procedures, not many of which were able to stand up to a lifetime of wear. However, titanium is one of the most durable metals on the planet. Titanium is also a biocompatible material that can fuse with the jawbone. Once implanted, titanium posts can provide permanent protection for the jawline from shifting due to missing teeth, and can create a base for aesthetic replacement teeth.

Functional Benefits

Titanium implant posts are small cylinders that fit like roots into the jawbone to support a lifelike prosthetic, such as a dental crown, a bridge, partial, or full dentures. The implant posts support your replacement teeth, and they also help to strengthen the bone by providing important stimulation. The implant posts help to promote a healthy flow of nutrients to the bone. Without stimulation to the bone, the bone can begin to soften, weaken, and lose shape, which can endanger both the natural teeth and the replacement teeth. Preventing the loss of bone density in the jaw can ensure that the bone is strong enough to support your smile.

Benefits of Osseointegration

Another benefit to titanium dental implants is osseointegration. Osseointegration is the technical term used to describe when bone begins to regenerate around a dental (or medical) implant. After years of use, your crown, bridge, or implants may need to be changed, but the updated prosthetic can rest on the same, permanent dental implant posts. Once an implant is strategically placed, the jawbone fuses to and heals around the implant. This fusion allows the implant to become a part of your oral anatomy’s ecosystem. Having a replacement tooth on an implant foundation gives it a more natural appearance because it allows to rest as close as possible to the gum line.

A titanium dental implant can help restore your smile

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