We all have our moments where we’re constantly breathing on the back of our hand and smelling, checking to see if it’s gotten any better, but we’re acutely aware that our breath doesn’t smell particularly great. This might be because of the extra onions that were on that turkey sub, or the shot of espresso in the morning latte. It’s a normal, annoying thing that can come up every now and then, but have you noticed that your breath seems to be bad almost every day? Why do you always have bad breath? There are several reasons this could be happening.


As mentioned earlier, food can sometimes be the culprit for your bad breath. If you notice your foods are regularly giving you bad breath that is making you self-conscious, then a diet change may be recommended. Ease up on the garlic and onion sandwiches. If you can’t do without them, be sure you have sugar-free gum on hand to help freshen your breath.

Dry Mouth

Your bad breath may be due to a lack of saliva production in your mouth. Without saliva, bacteria and food that typically gets washed away can sit and begin to rot. If you notice you are suffering from frequent dry mouth, keep a water bottle on hand to regularly hydrate yourself. Also check with your doctor to discuss the side-effects of medications you may be taking.

Gum Disease

If you notice that your breath is often rather putrid, and you frequently have a bad taste in your mouth, this may be a warning sign of advanced gum disease. Visit your dentist immediately to help your breath and your smile.

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