carmona-avoid-gum-diseaseWe often have patients asking what they can do to avoid gum disease. With a solid approach to maintaining good oral health and regular visits to the dentist, you can reduce your risk of developing periodontal problems. Remember, the disease is incurable and in the advanced stages can lead to loose teeth or even adult tooth loss.

5 Steps to Help Avoid Gum Disease

  1. Avoid tobacco products: When you smoke or use tobacco products, you can increase the risk of gum disease worsening, leading to the advanced stage known as periodontitis. In the advanced stage, the connective tissues between your teeth and gums may dissolve, leading to loose and even lost teeth. In addition, smoking can increase the risk of oral, throat, and lung cancer.
  2. Have your teeth cleaned: Having your teeth cleaned once every six months allows the dentist to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Doing so can prevent gum inflammation, often the first stop on the road towards gum disease.
  3. Always floss: Flossing remove food particles stuck between teeth. Since bacteria can’t break down food particles, the severity of plaque buildup is decreased. You should floss every day before going to bed.
  4. Brush properly: In addition to flossing to control plaque buildup you should also brush your teeth twice a day (once in the morning and again before bed) for at least two minutes per session. We also recommend a toothbrush with soft bristles, so you don’t irritate the gums or wear away tooth enamel.
  5. Eat healthier: When you eat a healthier diet you can promote better oral health. Foods and drinks high in sugar and other starches can leave behind sugar particles that bacteria will break down, leading to plaque buildup.
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