Since 2007, the Austin African American Book Festival has worked vigorously to promote empowerment through literature. It is a community event that brings readers and writers together to help them to produce and facilitate collaboration, dialogue, creativity and activism. The latest festival will take place on June 22nd and 24th at the George Washington Carver Museum. Attendance to the event is free and will enable you to see new works by and about African Americans, as well as feature notable speakers and authors who will discuss their works.

An Event To Inspire

The African American Book Festival will begin at 10am on June 22nd with an author showcase, which will introduce attendees to emerging and established authors who will discuss and read from their latest work. After that, April Sinclair will take the stage to read and talk about her novel Coffee Will Make You Black, which was selected as the 1994 young adult book of the year by the American Library Association. For more information, contact the African American Book Festival at

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