Teenage years are an exciting and stressful time for a teen. They’re growing into their adult body, gaining new responsibilities, and figuring out who and what they want to be. The world is still new, wild, and full of possibilities. The last thing a teen needs is unnecessary and avoidable oral health issues. Thankfully, there are Two good habits for a teen’s teeth that can keep their smile bright and healthy, so they can focus on being the best they can be.

Wear A Mouthguard

Teens tend to lead more active lifestyles; playing contact sports in school such as basketball or football, or doing activities like mountain biking or hiking. These types of activities could possibly lead to a situation where a tooth or multiple teeth are damaged. Fractured teeth can lead to a poor functioning bite, infection, and even further damage. Have your teen help protect their smile by using a custom made mouthguard when they participate in such activities. Their dentist can design it to specifically fit their mouth for better comfort and protection.

Brush And Floss At Least Twice A Day

Regular brushing and flossing is a vital habit to develop and maintain throughout life. Make sure they floss first, so they can brush away the debris they remove from between their teeth. It’s important to do it at least twice a day, along with rinsing their mouth after every meal. This prevents food debris and plaque to build and form harmful bacteria that can eat away at their teeth.

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