The Benefits Of Restoring A Tooth Restoring a tooth means repairing it in both form and function, which means that restoration can help with the tooth’s abilities and it’s appearance. Restorative dentistry is the art of restoring your natural tooth to one that can be a strong, healthy part of your smile. Teeth that have been affected by decay, injury, or accident may require some form of restoration. Not only are there benefits to restoring a tooth, there are also necessities. Tooth restoration can protect it from further harm that can eventually lead to the tooth being extracted. It can also be necessary to address one tooth to protect the rest of your smile. 

Relieving Discomfort and Pain

If the inner parts of your tooth have been exposed to the elements because the outer parts are damaged, it is likely that you may feel some discomfort or pain. Treating a tooth that has been damaged or decayed can usually solve the issue that is creating the pain. Restoring the tooth can also protect it against the pain that you may have been feeling when you bite or chew. Sometimes, restoration can prevent pain from happening in the first place. If your dentist notices a cavity early on, a filling may stop it from progressing to the point of a toothache.

Good For Your Overall Oral Health

One problematic tooth can have a negative effect on your whole smile. If you have a chip or a crack in one tooth, it can make your whole smile look unbalanced. If you have a toothache on one side of your mouth, you may find yourself chewing on the other side. Chewing on just one side of your mouth leads to an unbalanced wear and tear on your mouth that could leave the rest of your teeth susceptible for decay and damage. If you have an infection in one tooth, it can spread to other parts of your mouth or body.

Do you have a tooth that needs to be restored?

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