The Benefits of Cosmetic BondingDental bonding is the tooth-colored composite resin used for fillings of cavities. It can also be used as cosmetic bonding to address issues with the appearance of teeth. Cosmetic bonding can make a big difference in your smile that can last a long time. Cosmetic bonding is also less invasive and usually less expensive than other cosmetic procedures. Bonding is an additive treatment meaning that material is added to the tooth without having to alter the natural tooth very much. Cosmetic bonding can give you that new smile that you wanted without many alterations to your teeth. 

Less invasive

As stated, bonding is an additive treatment. The composite resin can be added to a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth to restore its original appearance. Bonding can also be used to add length or change the shape of a tooth to match the other teeth. It can also be used to cover intrinsic stains that cannot be removed through cleanings or whitening treatments. The resin can be applied directly to the tooth. Little alteration of the tooth is required before the resin can be applied.


The composite resin is a mixture of quartz-like particles and finely ground acrylic. The mixture is biocompatible, so it is safe. The resin substance hardens into a material very similar to a natural tooth’s enamel. The bonding resin is used in dental fillings, and is designed to withstand the wear and tear of chewing. Cosmetic bonding applied to front teeth can do the job of biting and chewing.

Natural appearance

The color of the bonding resin can be matched to the color of your teeth. If you are fixing just one tooth, the bonding can be blended in a natural, seamless way. If using bonding to cover intrinsic stains, the resin can be the color you desire your teeth to be.

Is cosmetic bonding right for you?

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