should-i-get-a-dental-crownCavities or cracks in your teeth can have adverse side effects. Besides being unsightly, the health of your bite is affected and you are also more susceptible to infection. Thankfully, your tooth can be repaired, strengthened, and made better looking with a crown. In one visit, your dentist can replace your damaged crown (the visible part of the tooth) to fit a new, undamaged crown. There are several reasons you should get a dental crown and improve your smile.

Benefits Of A Dental Crown

  1. They’re lifelike. Dental crowns can be formed from numerous materials like porcelain, which shares similar properties with your natural teeth. Using this, along with detailed scans of the original tooth, your dentist will carefully craft a prosthetic crown that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.
  2. They strengthen your tooth. Your cavity or crack compromises the integrity of that tooth. Each bite you take with a compromised tooth deals even more damage to the structure of it. A crown both strengthens and reinforces the tooth, keeping it from sustaining more damage and providing you with a healthier bite.
  3. They’re quick to apply. Generally, you can have the crown formed and applied within the same visit thanks to advances in dental technology. In the past, your dentist would have to send the scans taken of your tooth to a person who would form the crown then send it back, taking several days. Now, your dentist has the ability to scan the original tooth and form it in-house, ensuring that your ailing tooth is treated as quickly as possible.
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