Denture LadyMost people consider dentures as an option for later in life or only for replacement after losing all of their teeth, but that isn’t always the case. Partial dentures can be crafted to accommodate the loss of multiple teeth. If you’ve experienced moderate tooth loss, a dental bridge may not be effective enough to replace them. You may want to consider dentures. They’ll do more than give you a nice full-toothed smile. They can provide you with a more healthy mouth.

Easier Than Ever

In the past, if you experienced full tooth loss on one or both dental ridges, you would need several dental implant posts inserted into the jaw bone for your dentures to effectively absorb the pressure of your bite. Thanks to All-On-4 technology, you now only need four strategically placed implant posts to handle the load. This helps minimize the amount of surgery and recovery time you would need.

If you are only missing a few teeth, a removable partial denture may be the perfect option for you. Using several impressions of your mouth, a mouthpiece will be formed that will closely mimic the look and function of the missing teeth. During the first few weeks of use, your dentist will monitor and adjust the fit of your dentures. After this period, you should have a replacement that fits and performs well.

With full or partial dentures, you can have the smile you’ve been missing, as well as experience an easier time eating and being able to speak more clearly.

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