Mouth Guards For Fall SportsPreventative dentistry is not limited to good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. Protecting your teeth and your children’s teeth from injury is just as important for preventing dental problems. Back-to-school season often means back-to-sports season for many kids. Football, volleyball, and, martial arts, just to name a few, all come with risk of impact to the face and mouth. Injuries to the teeth can happen in seconds and are much more likely when no protection is worn. Generic, one-size-fits-all mouth guards can be purchased at local sporting goods stores, but the ill-fit makes them less protective than a custom-designed version. 

Generic VS. Custom-Designed

A generic mouth guard may not just be ill-fitting, but it will likely be made of uncomfortable materials. This can create a perfect storm of discomfort, which will increase the odds that your child will choose not to wear it at all. If they are distracted by the discomfort of their mouth guard, they cannot focus on their sport. A custom-designed mouth guard is created by your dentist to perfectly fit your child’s teeth and mouth. The materials used in a custom-fit guard are designed to feel comfortable and as unnoticeable as possible. Focus should be on the sport and not the protection. A good mouth guard protects the teeth, but also allows for full function of speaking and breathing.

Decreasing Risk of Injury

According to the American Dental Association, the majority of parents admit to not making their child wear a mouth guard. A study showed that athletes not wearing mouth guards were 60 times more likely to face a dental injury than an athlete that wore one. Mouth guards not only protect the teeth, but can protect the jaw and gums, too. In comparison to other protective gear, mouth guards can be the least expensive option while decreasing a considerable risk.

If you or your child is an athlete, consider a mouth guard

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