Austin is home to some of the strangest, wackiest, and weirdest homes in the entire world. Whether it’s a three story tree house that harkens to Robinson Crusoe, a home with catholic church-style stained glass windows, or anything else that must be seen to be believed. On April 22nd, the Weird Homes Tour will hold its annual showcase of the wild, odd, and eccentric houses that reside in Austin and help keep the city weird.

Living In Whimsy

The Weird Homes tour was founded several years ago to unleash and celebrate the creativity that is inside us all. The trip will showcase some of the most wonderful, whimsical, and strange homes in Austin along with the people who created and reside in them. You’ll get a glimpse inside the walls of some of the most truly unique spaces, along with rare art, oddities, artists, and much more. Tickets are $30 for regular attendees and $45 for VIP guests. For more information, call 512-308-6215. Don’t miss out on this fun event for the entire family.

We’ll Make Your Smile A Work Of Art

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