Is Bruxism Making Your Teeth Weaker?Bruxism is the excessive clenching of your jaw or the grinding of your teeth. It often occurs while you are sleeping. Over time, the friction between your teeth caused by the clenching and grinding can begin to affect the outer surface’s of your teeth. This can make the strength and integrity of your teeth become compromised and weakened. At first, it may just involve tiny, nearly invisible cracks in the surface of your teeth, which could cause tooth sensitivity. These cracks, however, can leave your teeth susceptible to decay and damage. There are ways to both address bruxism to prevent it from making the situation worth and to address the integrity of your teeth through restoration.

Susceptibility to Decay and Damage

Tiny fractures in the enamel of your teeth caused by bruxism are a problem. The longer your mouth sustains the stress and tension from grinding your teeth, the more affected the surfaces of your teeth can become. What starts off as the teensiest of cracks in your tooth can get bigger and bigger leaving your tooth vulnerable to breakage. Along with weakening the structural integrity, tiny fractures of your teeth can become homes to harmful bacteria. No matter how often you brush or floss, decay can get a head start on affecting your teeth by entering a bruxism-caused fracture.

Addressing the Issue

If your dentist determines that you are facing bruxism, it may be recommended that you start sleeping with oral appliance designed to stop the friction between the surfaces of your teeth. If the bruxism is determined to be caused by an orthodontic issue, it may be necessary to address your smile’s misalignment. After the cause is addressed, your teeth themselves may need to be restored. Bonding may be necessary to address the damaged surfaces of teeth, while crowns may be needed for larger spots of damage.

Protect your smile by treating bruxism

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