Important Role Of Dental ImplantsLosing a tooth as an adult can make quite a difference in the appearance of your smile. Even missing just one tooth can limit your abilities to chew, bite, and speak. Missing teeth can also cause a loss of bone density in the jawbone. This loss of bone density can endanger the remaining teeth in your mouth and any existing prosthetic dentistry within your smile. Bone loss can soften and weaken your jawbone. A Dental Implant provides support for a replacement tooth that can restore your appearance and abilities. An implant can also help to prevent bone density loss in your jaw. 

Supports a Restoration

When you lose a tooth, you lose both the body structure of the tooth and the roots that support it. A dental implant acts as a replacement for the roots of the tooth. A biocompatible titanium post is inserted into the jawbone. The implant is placed with precision in a spot to best withstand pressures from chewing, biting, and speaking. A restoration, such as a crown, bridge, or dentures, acts as a tooth replacement and can be supported by an implant. Solutions like All-On-4® implant dentures that allows for a set of dentures to be supported by just four implants.

Helps Protect Against Bone Loss

Without an implant or the natural roots of the tooth, your body can deem your jawbone unnecessary. When your body believes that the jawbone is no longer playing an important role, it can stop sending necessary minerals to it. Your body can also begin to take away vital minerals; minerals that are essential in maintaining the jaw’s bone density.  This loss of bone density can lead to a softening and reshaping of the jaw, which ultimately provides a weak foundation for your remaining teeth. A dental implant will give stimulation to your jawbone, which can prevent your body from taking important minerals away from it.

Dental implants can support your smile.

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