how worrisome are crooked teethSome patients are surprised when they notice they’re teeth are crooked, especially if they never needed braces as children. But the truth is that crooked teeth can develop in adulthood for a number of reasons, and just because your teeth are no longer growing doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be straightened. In fact, crooked teeth can lead to a host of other dental problems if not corrected, and your smile’s appearance is only one among many concerns.

Your Smile’s Appearance

Next to your eyes, your smile is one of your most immediately noticeable facial features. So when you’re not confident in it, that lack of confidence can have a significant effect on your self-confidence. Even if your teeth are only slightly out of alignment, they can still throw your entire smile out of balance.

How Your Bite Works

While symmetry is an important part of your smile’s esthetic appeal, good balance is also vital to how well your bite works. Teeth are most efficient when they meet each other squarely as you bite down; if they don’t, then your jaw joints and muscles will have to strain to keep your bite straight.

How to Fix Crooked Teeth Discreetly

The good news is that now you can straighten your crooked teeth without the need for metal braces! Using the innovative ClearCorrect® system, you can straighten your teeth more comfortably and discreetly using virtually-invisible custom aligners. Each aligner is removable so you can brush, floss, and eat comfortably, and is designed to blend in seamlessly by conforming to the shape of your teeth.

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