how-can-i-lower-my-risk-of-losing-teethWith all we know about caring for, repairing, and replacing teeth, maintaining a healthy smile for life is easier than it’s ever been. Still, preventing tooth loss isn’t always possible, and though you have several options to help you recover from losing teeth, preserving your natural ones is usually the best option. The good news is that you can take steps to lower your risk of losing teeth, mainly by keeping up with your good dental health. The best way to avoid tooth loss is preventing the issues that typically cause it in the first place.

Make Good Hygiene a Principle

Most of us know the basics of good hygiene, but not everyone practices them consistently. The only way brushing and flossing your teeth are effective, however, is to do so at least twice a day, every day. Otherwise, plaque will accumulate and calcify into tartar, increasing your risks of tooth decay, gum disease, and resulting tooth loss.

Make Dental Visits a Priority

The same is true for regular checkups and cleanings at your dentist’s office. If your dentist suggests visiting every six months, then neglecting your appointments or putting them off until later will allow tartar and oral bacteria to cause even more damage. By the time you do seek treatment, you may need a more involved restorative treatment to repair damaged teeth or heal diseased gums, both of which could lead to tooth loss or the need for extraction.

Don’t Ignore Signs that Something’s Wrong

Whether your dentist tells you that you have an issue, or you notice a persistent toothache, bleeding gums, or other sign of concern, don’t ignore it. Dental issues are progressive, and the longer you take to address them, the worse your dental health will become. Visit your dentist for that toothache, or plan your restorative treatment before leaving your checkup appointment, to regain your good oral health and reduce your risks of tooth loss in the future.

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