Sugar is extremely difficult to avoid. The most popular snacks and drinks contain loads and loads of it, sometimes even ones that are labeled as “healthy” or “all natural”. Our mouths contain harmful bacteria that thrive when given sugar to consume, helping them produce acid that can damage teeth and lead to tooth decay. Eliminating sugary treats and beverages from your diet is best for your oral and overall health. Here are some tips that can help you avoid sugar.

Try A Better Alternative

If you’re having trouble cutting a certain sugary drink out of your life, try replacing it with a healthier alternative. If you are craving an energy boost, don’t go for sugar-laden energy drinks. Unsweetened tea contains the caffeine of an energy drink without all the unnecessary sugar. Like a glass of chocolate milk? Try enjoying a plain glass of milk instead. Like the fizz of soda pop? Sparkling waters have the same carbonation and our much better for your teeth.

Don’t Sip

If you can’t avoid the temptation of drinking something sweet, don’t sip on it. This gives the bacteria in your mouth more time to eat the sugar and cause cavities. Drink in one sitting instead of all throughout the day. Once you’re finished, drink water to help wash away the bacteria and acid.

Drink Tap Water

Tap water contains fluoride, which is a vital mineral that protects your teeth. It does this by remineralizing the thin, clear protective coating around your teeth (enamel).

Having A Great Smile Is the Sweetest Treat

Along with having a great at home oral health care routine, regular visits with your dentist will help keep your smile healthy. Contact us at our local Austin, TX office at 512-250-9444.

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