Each year, Austin, TX houses one of the biggest events in the country, showcasing some of the best artists in music, film, and comedy in festivals that take place all around the city during the ten day event. Along with that, there are trade shows and exhibits that showcase the latest and greatest in technology, art, and other industries. There is something for everyone, so make sure to bring your family and partake in the event starting Friday, March 10th.

New And Improved

Events include the South By Southwest Music Festival, which features well known legendary acts along with talented up and coming artists who will be performing at venues throughout Austin. The film festival will also be taking place for any movie buffs, with films being screened at Paramount Theatre, The Vimeo Theater at the Austin Convention Center, and many others all around the city. South By Southwest starts March 10th and lasts until March 19th. There are badges and passes for whatever you’re interested in. For more information, call (512) 467-7979.

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