Typically, when people think of dentures, they think of a full set of them, sitting in a glass of water. It’s also usually ascribed to older people who have lost all of their teeth. That’s actually not the case in reality. There are dentures for every situation. If you have suffered moderate to severe tooth loss, dentures are a viable option to replace your teeth, preventing you from spending unnecessary time and money on intensive surgery.

Replace Your Teeth Effectively

Dentures come in varying shapes and sizes to accommodate the patient’s tooth loss. Partial dentures can be an effective way to rebuild your smile when a dental bridge can’t. If you have lost all the teeth on the lower or upper dental ridge, custom-designed full dentures can be made to replace all of the teeth lost.

The All-On-4 system, created by Noble Biocare, is also available for patients. The All-On-4 treatment involves your dentist strategically placing four dental implants into your jaw. These implants act as anchors for your dentures, allowing them a healthy form and function with much fewer implants.

The benefits of partial, full, and All-On-4 dentures can be tremendous. You not only gain renewed confidence, having a full and healthy smile again, but they also allow your mouth to fulfill all of its vital functions. Your quality of speech should be improved with a better ability to enunciate your words, you can eat more food for fuel to go about your day, and your facial structure is maintained. Talk to your dentist today and see if dentures are right for you.

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