Our teeth do so much for us every day. They chew our food up so we can swallow and digest it more easily, they help us talk and keep the shape of our face, and when they look nice, we look nice. We want to make sure we protect our smile and take care of it when it’s been damaged or infected. When a tooth has decayed or been fractured, your dentist can provide you with dental crowns to improve your smile.

How Dental Crowns Help

  1. They strengthen your tooth. A cavity or crack can compromise the structure of the tooth, leaving it vulnerable to taking further damage from the pressure of your bite. A crown can both strengthen and reinforce your tooth, keeping it from sustaining more damage and providing you with a healthier and better functioning bite.
  2. They’re lifelike. Dental crowns can be formed from various materials such as porcelain, which shares quite a few properties with your natural teeth. Using this, along with detailed scans of the original tooth, your dentist will carefully craft a prosthetic crown that should blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.
  3. They’re quick to apply. In the old days, your dentist would have to send the scans of your tooth to a person who would form the crown before then sending it back, taking several days. Thanks to advances in technology, you now should be able to have your crown formed and applied within the same trip to the dentist.

It’s A Crowning Achievement!

Dental crowns are one of the many treatments we offer to help get your smile back on track. Schedule an appointment today and let us help your teeth. Contact our office in Austin, TX at 512-250-9444.

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