Commonly Asked Questions: ImplantsLosing a tooth as an adult can create a void in your smile’s appearance, but it can also create problems for your oral health. Replacing a tooth becomes important to your smile’s health. A dental implant replaces the roots of your tooth, which can help prevent the development of potential issues stemming from tooth loss. A dental implant can stimulate your jaw bone, and provide stability for a tooth replacement. We answer some commonly asked questions about dental implants and their role in smiles.

Q: Is a Dental Implant Necessary?

The roots of your teeth stimulate your jawbone, which keeps your body sending minerals to the area. Losing a tooth can make a dent in that stimulation, which can lead to a loss of bone density through a process called bone resorption. When a jawbone loses bone density, it can become weak and soft. A weak jaw cannot provide a good foundation for your remaining teeth or your tooth replacements. A soft jaw can change shape over time, which can impact the way a bridge or dentures fit into your smile. An implant provides stimulation that can help keep bone resorption from happening. A sturdy jawbone is a better home for your teeth.

Q: What Is an Implant?

Dental implants are posts made out of a bio compatible titanium. The titanium posts are strategically placed in the jawbone in a position designed withstand a certain amount of bite pressure, and support replacement teeth. Your jaw tissues and bone will fuse to the implant post as you heal.

Q: Can I Get Same-Day Implants?

Certain patients can get dental implants placed immediately after tooth extraction. Same-day dental implants eliminate the time between extracting a tooth and replacing it, which can reduce the amount of jawbone degradation around the extraction site.

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