Can You Help Ease My Jaw Pain? Jaw pain can come from a variety of sources, such as arthritis, sinus issues, nerve damage, and more. When jaw pain is accompanied by persistent headaches, toothaches pain in the face, neck, or shoulders, the problem could be caused by a misaligned bite. TMJ disorder is a common condition caused by strain put upon the jaw joint known as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The strain can be caused by a misalignment or by bruxism, which is the grinding of your teeth. Interestingly enough, misalignment may cause bruxism and bruxism can cause misalignment. Jaw pain caused by TMJ disorder may be relieved through the use of a custom oral appliance

Causes and Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

Malocclusion refers to a bad or misaligned bite, and it can impact your temporomandibular joints. You may have problems opening and closing your mouth, a clicking or popping of the jaw, lockjaw, along with the constant pain. If bruxism is associated with your jaw pain, you may find yourself more susceptible to tooth damage and/or decay. Grinding of your teeth causes fractures in the surface of your teeth that increase your risks of these problems, along with increasing your odds of developing teeth sensitivity.


How Does an Oral Appliance Help?

Depending on your needs, your dentist or prosthodontist can customize an occlusal appliance that can help your bite while you sleep. The guard will prevent your teeth from damaging each other. The oral appliance can also help to promote proper joint alignment for your jaw. While wearing the customized mouth guards at night, your teeth will be protected against the friction that can lead to fracture, decay, and sensitivity. If your jaw pain has been caused by TMJ disorder or overwear from bruxism, the oral appliance can help to ease some of that strain. Before creating your device, your dentist or prosthodontist will eliminate other possible reasons for your constant jaw pain.

Do you need relief from jaw pain?

With personalized treatment, you could find relief from chronic jaw pain. To schedule a consultation, call Austin Prosthodontics at 512-250-9444. Located in Austin, TX, we proudly serve patients living in Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander, and all surrounding communities.

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