Having crooked teeth isn’t just bad for the appearance of your smile, but detrimental to the continued health, function, and balance of your bite. Crooked teeth can heighten the risk of dental health issues down the road. To correct your teeth, you will need to look into getting braces. Typically, dentist will use metal to properly align your teeth, but if you’re looking for something more discreet and are a viable candidate, ClearCorrect clear braces in Austin TX are a great alternative to metal braces.

The Solution Is Clear

Formed from clear, practically invisible acrylic, ClearCorrect clear braces are a system of aligners that are nearly imperceptible when worn. The process begins when your dentist takes an impression of your teeth. These impressions are then used to form a series of aligners that will fit your teeth as they progress through their gradual shift into a straighter position. They are custom-designed to fit comfortably and discreetly over your teeth.

These braces are more convenient than cumbersome brackets and wires because they allow you to remove them when you are eating, brushing, or flossing. Clear braces aren’t an option for every patient, though. If your teeth require more complex movement, your dentist will probably recommend metal braces for your teeth. Don’t let the fear of having visible, metal braces keep you from correcting your misaligned teeth any longer! Contact your Austin Dentist and see if clear braces are an option for you.

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