a-straighter-smile-but-without-bracesWhen the dentist detects that a child’s teeth aren’t growing in straight, the typically-recommended course of action is to straighten them with orthodontic braces. Doing so will help correct the child’s dental growth and avoid more serious malocclusion (misaligned bite) problems in the future. As an adult, however, the intricate network of brackets and wires may not seem so appealing, especially if the reason you want straighter teeth is to improve your confidence. Fortunately, you can maintain your confidence throughout your treatment by straightening your teeth with ClearCorrect® clear aligners, rather than conventional braces.

When Adults Need Braces

The conventional methods are nearly-identical, but the motivations behind orthodontic treatment for children and for adults aren’t necessarily equal. For a child whose teeth, jawbones, and dental ridges are still growing, crooked teeth not only affect the function of the child’s bite, but also the growth patterns of his/her oral structures. As an adult whose mouth is fully developed, crooked teeth can lead to a host of other dental problems resulting from the imbalance in your bite, such as damage from undue pressure. By making your smile seem asymmetrical, crooked teeth can also diminish its appeal, affecting your self-confidence in the process.

The Difference of ClearCorrect® Aligners

To cater to the dual needs of straighter teeth and discretion, adults can often substitute braces for clear, acrylic aligners that eliminate traditional brackets and wires. ClearCorrect® clear braces utilize a series of custom-designed aligners that fit over your teeth and gently nudge them towards straighter positions. Each aligner is a solid construct, rather than brackets and wires connected to your teeth, and can be removed as needed to eat a meal, brush your teeth, and floss comfortably.

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