5 Problems Caused By Crooked TeethCrooked teeth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. You may find yourself covering your mouth when you speak or never smiling in photographs. Teeth are often misaligned due to genetics, but there are reasons such as injury, tooth loss, or thumb-sucking that cause teeth that can grow crooked. Teeth can be misaligned because of the size or shape of teeth. The jaw itself can be misaligned causing the teeth to grow in wonky. Crooked teeth can cause problems to your oral health and your overall health that go far beyond just the appearance of your smile.

#1: Increased Risk For Tooth Decay

Teeth that are crooked are harder to clean. The different shapes and sizes can cause the teeth to overlap and create nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide. Even with vigilant hygiene, the bacteria can hide from brushing and flossing.

#2: Increase Risk For Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by bacteria and plaque developing under the gum line. When the gums do not line up evenly with teeth, there is more of a risk for bacteria to buildup.

#3: Greater Risk For Tooth Injury

Crowded teeth or a misaligned jaw can leave your teeth grinding against each other in a way that they are not built for. The teeth can become susceptible for increased wear and tear. This wear and tear can weaken the enamel. Weak enamel leaves the teeth less defensive against damage or injury.

#4: Difficult Chewing

The misalignment of the upper and lower jaw can cause chewing to be less effective and more difficult.

#5: Bad Breath

There are certain foods that cause stinky breath, but chronic bad breath is not caused by specific foods. Chronic bad breath can be caused by bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria hiding in the excess nooks and crannies of crooked teeth can create bad breath.

ClearCorrect is a solution for crooked teeth

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