If your teeth are crooked, you might already know that straightening them is the best option for your dental health. As an adult, however, the thought of going through work and your personal life wearing conspicuous metal braces might not sound too appealing. Fortunately, you may be a candidate for ClearCorrect® aligners, which make it easier to enjoy straighter teeth without the need for traditional braces.

1. They’re aligners, not braces.

ClearCorrect® is often referred to as cosmetic orthodontic treatment, but the system doesn’t consist of braces – instead, it consists of a series of clear, comfortable aligners. Unlike braces, which are made of brackets that are bonded to your teeth and wires that help tighten them, clear aligners slip comfortably over your teeth.

2. They’re removable for your convenience.

Also unlike braces, clear aligners can be removed temporarily to eat or brush and floss your teeth. Doing so allows you to enjoy the same foods you’re used to and clean your teeth easily and effectively every day. If you have a special event or meeting, then you can also temporarily remove the aligners to ensure that you look your best.

3. They’re invisible, so you can stay confident.

Clear aligners are made from smooth, comfortable, and nearly invisible plastic, and are designed to fit your upper and lower teeth perfectly. While your aligners are in place, they will remain undetectable even as you speak and smile!

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