When your smile needs a touchup, your best cosmetic dental option is the one that achieves the results you desire with minimal alterations to your teeth. For many patients, that makes cosmetic tooth bonding the optimal solution to address a number of issues. The quick and highly effective procedure involves your dentist placing lifelike, tooth-colored composite resin onto the surface of your tooth. After your dentist carefully sculpts and polishes the resin, your tooth’s blemishes will be erased and your smile’s appearance restored.  

Intrinsic tooth discoloration

Common teeth stains, which occur on the surfaces of your teeth, can typically be erased with professional teeth-whitening. However, when stains develop underneath the enamel of your teeth (known as intrinsic discoloration), teeth-whitening may not be sufficient. For stubborn, intrinsic staining, your dentist might suggest tooth bonding to cover the stains and restore the uniform appearance of your smile.

Excessive tooth wear

If you chew on pens and pencils or constantly grind your teeth (a condition called bruxism), you can quickly wear down your teeth’s surfaces. If not addressed, tooth wear can lead to worsening dental issues, like bite misalignment, dental damage, and more. In many cases, your dentist can help rebuild worn tooth structure and restore your bite’s balance by applying bonding to one or more teeth.

Mild/Moderate cavities

Cavities are the most common issue, and though many patients rely on metal fillings to treat them, your dentist can offer a better option with a composite resin filling. Known as tooth-colored fillings because they blend in with your teeth, a restoration made from composite resin can fix your cavity while keeping your tooth healthy and natural-looking. Resin fillings are also safer and provide better protection against re-infection.

Find Out How Bonding Can Help You

If you want to touchup your smile quickly and conveniently, then ask Dr. Carmona if cosmetic tooth bonding is the right choice. Schedule a consultation by calling Austin Prosthodontics in Austin, TX today at 512-250-9444.

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