3 Reasons For Implant-Supported DenturesIf you have had traditional dentures for years or if you are missing several teeth, you may want to consider implant-supported dentures. Dentures restore the chewing and biting function of your teeth, while also restoring your appearance. While dentures can be beneficial for these reasons, they can also be quite a hassle to maintain. Dentures can slip out of your mouth at inopportune times. They also do not prevent bone loss in your jaw, which can happen without the presence of natural teeth. Once bone loss starts to occur, it can affect the fit of the dentures in your mouth. Implant-supported dentures can permanently restore your smile.

Keeps Your Jaw Healthy

Without stimulation from the roots of your natural teeth, your jawbone may face resorption. Resorption is when your body starts to take minerals away because your body believes that the bone is no longer useful. This can lead to a softening and reshaping of the jaw. This can lead to ill-fitting dentures, as the jaw changes over time. Implants can keep bone resorption from happening, as the posts can stimulate the bone. With traditional dentures or ones supported by implants, oral hygiene is still incredibly important for the health of your gums and jaw. While the restorations are not susceptible to tooth decay, your gums are still at risk of gum disease.

Offers More Stability

Implants integrate and fuse to your jawbone creating lasting stability. With implant-supported dentures, your restoration will stay firmly in place without the use of adhesives or metal clips. The restoration can become a fixed part of your smile.

Looks More Lifelike

Implant-supported dentures allow for the base of the dentures to sit right against the gum line. The implants provide the support that means no shifting or moving around. All of this leads to a smile that looks very natural and lifelike.

Are you ready for implant-supported dentures?

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