3 Possible Signs Of TMJ DisorderWhen you find your body in pain, getting relief often means finding the source of the pain first. The same is true for your oral health, but for many people, chronic aches and pains may not always have an obvious cause. If you have TMJ disorder, which stands for temporomandibular joint disorder, then you may feeling a few things that you would not immediately associate as signs of a dental health issue. TMJ disorder can include several types of dysfunction with the joints of your jaw. There are three common symptoms that could be a signal that you are suffering from TMJ disorder

Migraines and Headaches

Your jaw joints lie very close to your dominant cranial nerve, known as the trigeminal nerve. When the joints are aggravated or irritated, it can affect the trigeminal nerve. This can lead to recurring, severe headaches and migraines. Frequent migraines and headaches can be associated with several different causes. If they are caused by TMJ disorder, you may find relief when treating TMJ disorder.

Jaw Popping and Clicking

Your temporomandibular joints are two large joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull, and allow movement to your mouth and jaw. One of the most common signs of a TMJ dysfunction is the popping and clicking of the joints when you open and close your mouth. Popping and clicking can range from painless to mildly uncomfortable to painful. In some instances, TMJ disorder can cause lockjaw, which is when the jaw painfully seizes up and locks into immobility.

Ringing in the Ears

In addition to chronic headaches, aggravation to your trigeminal nerve can also manifest in and around your ears. This can create chronic pain and/or ringing in one or both of your ears. This symptom is known as tinnitus, and can often be a symptom of several different conditions. Just like headaches, it may not always be a symptom of TMJ disorder. Identifying if it is a symptom of TMJ disorder could lead to you finding relief.

Do you have any signs of TMJ disorder?

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